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The healthy way of life реферат forward this error screen to 104. It is widely known that life expectancy is increasing.

But the reason why the average figures are higher than they used to be, say, hundred years ago is not that all people live longer than before. Generally, the life of modern man is endangered by many factors. There are many ways of keeping fit. Mass running competitions gain popularity with Russians.

Интернета работает медленно, но словарь хороший. Let’s talk about a healthy way of life. What influences a person’s health? Is home-made food better than junk food? What questions will you ask a fitness coach? What activities can you advise a person who wants to have a healthy way of life? Why is a balanced diet important for your health?

1 The advantages of a healthy way of life are obvious. If your body and your mind suffer from any disorder you can’t be good either at work or at studies. So nowadays people are conscious about their health more than ever. They understand that a lot depends on their behaviour — their decisions to smoke, to drink, to over-eat and so on. Income, housing, environment and healthy food are also among factors that influence a person’s health. Living a healthy lifestyle is a matter of choice and like most good choices it takes effort.

Home-made food is healthy while junk food is harmful being high in fat, sugar, salt and calories. How long have you been a trainer? Can you advise me some exercises to lose weight? Do I have to change my diet?

Keep a balance between your work and rest. Be positive in your attitude towards people. A balanced diet is important because it helps you to keep healthy by bringing your body exactly what it needs. Ваш e-mail не будет опубликован. Небольшое сочинение на английском языке о здоровом образе жизни. Nowadays healthy life-style is gaining more and more popularity. Lately people have finally realized that whatever a person would do and whatever post he would hold, health is the most valuable wealth in our life.

Now everyone understands that healthy nutrition is not a mere name. Even developing countries began to take GMO, colorings and unnatural additives with caution. Now buying only organic and healthy food, eating more fruits and vegetables, as well as going in for sports and keeping fit are in. Sport is as important as the quality of food. Many people are still lazy and do not want to take up any sports, because they think that sport is only weights and bulky exercise equipments.